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Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots Review: Value for money?

The Reebok Renegade Pro boxing boots are one of the best boxing shoes on the market. In this post, you’ll know about the design, build quality, pricing, and 4 best alternative boxing shoes you can use instead of the Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots.

Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots: Value for money?

the Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots

The right gear and good training are one of the key factors to look into If you want to perform best n the ring. Speaking of gear, Boxing shoes are the essential need of every boxer.

Floyd Mayweather Used to wear a pair of the Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots. 

The Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots are the perfect choice for the serious boxer. Priced just above $100, These boots have so many features that it’s hard to find a pair of these shoes these days. Let’s have a look at some of the features:

Design and Build:

The Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing shoes have a Mid-cut Design that goes all the way above the ankle and is specifically designed for Boxing activities. The Renegade Pro boots are designed in such a way that these boots will help you perform your best in the ring with a comfortable fit and great support.

They feature a durable leather and synthetic upper with a lace-up closure for a secure fit, and a breathable mesh lining for added comfort. The boots have a cushioned insole for shock absorption and a rubber outsole with a split-sole design for superior traction and flexibility.

The lace-up closure ensures a snug fit, and the perforated toe box enhances breathability. 

To sum up the Features:

  • Best for: Boxing, Boxing Training, combat sports, MMA
  • Compilation of reptile skin synthetic leather and strategic nylon micro-mesh insets
  • EVA midsole for the increased support of heel, arch, forefoot, and ankle
  • Gum rubber, three-dimensional outsole
  • Full lace-up closure with hook-and-loop ankle security
  • Padded full-length ventilated tongue for breathability

Best and Top Alternatives of the Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots:

Here are the 4 best Alternative Boxing Shoes that have the same features as the Reebok Renegade Boots.

1. Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoe for Men & Women

If you are a boxer with a narrow foot, The Hayabusa Pro Boxing shoe is a good option for you. The Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes combine traction, stability, and comfort for the ultimate shoe in the ring.

Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes are lightweight for explosive movement as you shuffle and slide around the ring with agility and precision.

Hayabusa boxing shoe

Design and Build:

The lightweight design and custom outsole allow for explosive agility with an anchored grip for pinpoint pivots. The Hayabusa men’s and women’s boxing shoes are built with durable microfiber leather, mesh panels, and a slim rubber outsole that performs best on canvas in the ring.

 Flexible soles with angled grooves provide a stable grip in the ring with toe creases that provide traction for pinpoint pivots and maximum power transfer when you throw a punch.

 The Hayabusa Pro Boxing Shoes provide a secure fit with a mid-height build that supports your ankles. Its cushioned insole conforms to your foot with soft padding while the mesh ventilation keeps you cool and comfortable as you train.

2. FISTRAGE Leather Kick Boxing Shoes:


The Firstrage Kick-boxing and MMA Shoes are one o the cheapest in the market. It’s cheap but that doesn’t mean you’ll get low-quality boxing shoes. Instead, THe Firdstrage Boxing Shoes are made with Cowhide genuine leather and breathable mesh.

Firstrage boxing shoes

These shoes feature a PU sole that provides a firm grip. These shoes fit perfectly onto the feet and work excellent for boxers with wide feet.

Here is a list of features the Firstrage Boxing Shoes has to offer for less than $50:

  • Genuine Leather with a mesh upper for agile performance.
  • Cushioned midsole for higher traction.
  • Heel Protection
  • Ideal for indoor Workouts
  • Abundant space to keep the feet cool and dry.
  • Lightweight Shoes.

3. Adidas Unisex-Adult Hog 3 Boxing Shoe:


Lightweight and Abrasion-resistant, The Addidas Hog 3 boxing shoes are built exclusively for agility in the ring.  They offer really good ankle support and are really comfortable.

The Addidas Unisex-Adult Hog 3 boxing shoes feel secure but have a pretty flat sole, something you must keep in mind depending on what style you have.

Salient Features:

  • Synthetic Sole
  • LightWeight
  • Supportive mesh upper
  • Thin Cushioning/EVA Midsole helps in responsive footwork
  • Protective Toe Cap

Winding Up:

If You are lucky enough to find yourself a pair of the Reebok Renegade Pro Boxing Boots, Go for them as they are top-quality boxing boots. But if you are on a budget, I have mentioned other boxing shoes as well. Do mention which one is your favorite.

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