The top 10 Boxing Gyms in Bristol UK

Boxing gyms in Bristol

Boxing Gyms in Bristol

If you want to stay in shape, boxing is one great way of achieving your fitness goals. The movements and workouts involved in Boxing can boost your focusing ability as it helps improve hand-eye coordination.

If you want to get in shape quickly or just want to learn boxing professionally, It is recommended to incorporate a boxing gym into your workout routines.

there are more than 20 boxing gyms in Bristol UK. So we decided to review the top 10 boxing gyms in Bristols

Let’s go ahead and find out.

Here are the 10 best boxing gyms in bristol:

1. Bristol Boxing Gym:


The Bristol boxing gym is operated by the West country Boxing. This epic gym is home to huge state-of-the-art facilities including the latest and modern equipment, a Boxing Ring, Punchbag Area, outdoor training area, a fitness studio, and many more.

The Bristol Boxing gym is one the oldest in town and has been in business since 1989. This gym is perfect for Males, Females, and Children of Age 10 and above. They offer memberships and feature their own shop for all kinds of boxing equipment making it one of the best boxing gyms in Bristol.

  • Shop
  • Boxing Classes for adults, women, and Juniors
  • Monthly memberships start from £39.00 per month

This gym is located on The Mill, Lower Ashley Rd, Easton, Bristol BS5 0YJ, United Kingdom.

You can contact them here: +44 117 949 6699

2. Noble Art Boxing Gym:


Founded by the kickboxing world champion Jonny Para, The Noble Art Boxing Gym offers a unique and intimate vintage boxing gym setting. They have a 6-week online boxing course and corporate training package which can unlock your hidden potential.

The Head coach has more than 15 years of MMA experience. The Noble Art boxing Gym provides the following services:

  • One to one personal training – £40 per hour
  • Small group training
  • Flexible timetable
  • Boxing and kickboxing Tuition – £30 per hour
  • Boxing-based fitness classes

Address: Centonex Limited, Frogmore St, Bristol BS1 5NA

3. Combat Warriors:

Affordable Personal Trainers

The Combat Warriors gym is a Muay Thai boxing gym in Bristol with a perfect balance of exceptional training from knowledgeable and experienced coaches.
The gym has a very good atmosphere and community where you will be surrounded by like-minded and friendly people. This allows you to feel confident in learning a martial art such as Muay Thai in a truly safe and controlled setting.
The facilities are also very well maintained by the coaches and members with plenty of equipment available.

Features to notice are:

  • Plenty of Equipment
  • Classes for Shadow Boxing. Bag Work, Demonstrations, Circut training, Strength and Conditioning
  • Personal Training Sessions.
  • Lowered Prices as Compared to other gyms
  • Children’s Classes

Address: 7 Lawrence Hill, Bristol, BS5 0BY

Contact Number: (+44) 7403 171851

4. Sweat Box Gym Bristol


The Sweat Box Gym is an industrial Boxing gym in Bristol offering strength and cardio equipment, classes, personal training, and Massages. This Gym is kids-friendly and also has a cafe at the back for refreshments.

They offer a lot of facilities such as:

  • parking,
  • a full shower, and Changing rooms,
  • Personal lockers
  • Sports Massage Therapist
  • training equipment
  • Easy Memberships plans.

FROM JUST £25/MONTH​, you’ll get:

  • Gym + class memberships
  • Gym only memberships
  • Student memberships
  • Kids memberships
  • Pay monthly or annually
  • Peak or off-peak

Address: Units 2-3, Princess St, Bristol BS3 4AG

5. Skemers Boxing Club:


Skemers boxing club is a community-based Boxing gym offering excellent tuition in a well-equipped gym run by committed and dedicated coaches. The team is very knowledgeable and produces a great standard of boxing in both grass-roots and professional with a highly competitive team.

Skemers Boxing club offers intense boxing sessions averaging more than 1 hour. You will learn proper boxing techniques and self-defense skills from 4 skilled boxing professionals.

Everything is taught in stages, as you will focus on cardio, agility, and strength training, which were all integral parts of the Skemers Club training regimen.

  • 4 skilled and professional teachers
  • Cheap Rates and per-session charges
  • The best community for kids

Address:  Wedmore Vale, Bristol BS3 5HQ, United Kingdom

Contact: 07594726905

6. Personal Combat Training Gym:


The PTC Gym is located on St Jude’s in Bristol and is operated by Paul who has over 17 years of knowledge and expertise in combat sports. PTC has a total of 3 training coaches including Paul and James.

PCT specializes in K1 Dutch Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Personal Training, and Strength and Conditioning. Following is a list of facilities they offer to the community:

Premium classesShower
Personal TrainersNutritionist
Cardio EquipmentTherapy Treatment Room
Free Weight areaSuana
Cardio EquipmentLockers
Boxing RingFree Parking

Their Membership plan is one of the best and they even offer “pay as you go” services. You have a wide range of membership plans to choose from and they are really affordable.

Address: 30 Pennywell Rd, St Jude’s, Bristol BS5 0TG, United Kingdom

Phone: +44 117 941 3383

7. Women’s Kickboxing, Wutan Bristol


The Bristol Wutan is a Women’s Kickboxing gym located on Horley Rd in Bristol. This is a traditional Chinese martial art school and holds classes for beginners in many areas of Bristol.

If you are into kickboxing and kung fu, This gym is perfect for you. They are very affordable and offer both morning and evening classes.

8. Stargate Sports:


Another best Boxing gym in Bristol is the Stargate Boxing gym. The Stargate Boxing Gym welcomes children and adults of all abilities to head to our modern styled authentic gym.

The atmosphere in Stargate Sports is really what you want, fellowship, focused on learning, and improvement. The kids’ boxing packages are brilliant value for money and very much needed in the local area.

The Stargate Boxing gym has a team of 9 qualified trainers and they have special expertise in handling and training children. They offer 7 different types of monthly membership plans including a Free Trial Session.

Facilities include:

  • 1-to-1 Training
  • Small group training
  • School services
  • Mentoring

Address: 30 Pennywell Road, St. Jude’s Bristol. BS5 OTG


9. Bristol Dojo Boxing Gym:


The Bristol Dojo is located in Bedminister, Bristol, and is the best Mixed Martial art gym in the locality. This is the only boxing gym in Bristol which offers a 7-day free trial.

The Bristol Dojo has 12 different mixed martial arts classes for juniors and adults. They also offer CageFit Circuit training and open mat facilities. They take pride in being the only Boxing gym in Bristol to offer MMA training for 4-6 years old kids.

Awesome features of the Bristol Dojo Boxing club include:

  • Wide range of courses
  • Parents Children classes
  • Flexible memberships plans
  • Open Mat training
  • Boxing ring
  • State of the Art gym

Address: 1-21 Bedminister down Rd, Bedminister, Bristol. BS13 7AB

Contact: 0800 756 6990

10. National Smelting Company Boxing Club:


Finally, we have the national smelting company boxing club, The oldest Boxing in town. They are a collection of the most inspiring fitness instructors to help you achieve your goals.

The smelters boxing gym is located in Avonmouth Bristol and open to everyone over the age of 8. Joining the National smelters Boxing gym couldn’t be easier, just turn up to one of our classes or contact them through the website.

They charge a small weekly membership fee and offer facilities like:

  • 14 punch bags in the gym
  • 216 ft boxing ring
  • Olympic free weights, Dumbbells, benches, etc
  • Shop for getting necessary equipment for boxing.

Address: Avonmouth Old Boys Rugby Football Club, Barrack’s Ln, Bristol.

Contact: +44 7876 233621

Final Words:

There are more than 15 boxing gyms in Bristol, UK but these were our best and top 10 gyms. We picked these according to the athlete’s reviews, budget, and facilities. tell us if we missed a good one. Thanks.

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